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sedentariTy and junk food ruin your body and mind

we are a community of busy and successful men who choose a healthier lifestyle

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a full body program you can do anywhere, in 15 minutes

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If you often say

"I don't have the time to train"

Then this program is made for you

1-to-1 coaching

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Overweight
  • Too skinny
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Back pain and bad posture
  • Anxious and stressed

Strength training and good eating habits can fix all these.

I’ll assist you get a body you didn’t even dream of.


I was a complete lifting newbie before meeting Samy. In four months, he taught me the important exercises, created me a programme and adapted it regularly: accommodating the fact that I lived between two places. He corrects my form in the gym and via videos which is reassuring, especially for a novice. I have seen huge improvements in my overall shape, I am more muscular and toned and generally feel much more confident in my body.
Samy checks my progress constantly and makes sure I am doing everything right. If you are starting I'd definitely recommend you hit up Samy.
Software engineer
Samy got me into lifting and improving my cardio all whilst losing 11kg in 8 weeks. I can finally get into my shirts, and I didn't have to follow a strict nutrition plan, count calories or stop eating the food I love.
Software Engineer
I didn't believe in coaching initially but Samy changed my mind. Samy has been super efficient at helping me with my diet and pushing and encouraging me when the motivation was low. As a result, I lost 11kg in 3 months. If you're like me, don't have much time, want to lose some weight, get fitter and be happier about your body perception, give Samy a call. It's definitely worth it!

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Thank you 🙏 Reading your content gave me the kick in the butt I needed to join the gym after a 3 years hiatus

– JL