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November 2015 – May 2019

This is me. Incredible results in such a short time thanks to basic strength lifting methods and simple nutrition techniques. And they could be even better had I been more consistent during some periods!

December 2018 – May 2019

Océane was a complete novice when it came to lifting in December. She has gained a fair amount of muscle in a relatively short time.


Francisco is a powerlifter and one of the strongest, most muscular guys I know. He spent the last few years trying different training programs, without getting the results he expected. Given his advanced level, I had to put together a complex training program to increase his muscle mass and improve his lifts.

I must admit, even I was surprised by the results. Thanks to my program and his dedication, his lifts increased considerably and he packed 4kg of muscle in no time.

He still hates me for all the pants he must replace.

Imagine yourself six months from now, leaner, stronger, more energized, more successful – finally reaching your full potential.

If I can assist Nicolas, a CTO and dad of 2, I can help you too

Nicolas Rinaudo is the CTO & Co-Founder of ioSquare.

He’s lost 11kg (24lbs) in less than 3 months following my nutritional advice.

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What the other athletes say

I was a complete lifting newbie before meeting Samy. In four months, he taught me the important exercises, created me a programme and adapted it regularly: accommodating the fact that I lived between two places. He corrects my form in the gym and via videos which is reassuring, especially for a novice. I have seen huge improvements in my overall shape, I am more muscular and toned and generally feel much more confident in my body.
Océane Bonnet-Conroy
Samy got me into lifting and improving my cardio all whilst losing 11kg in 8 weeks. I can finally get into my shirts, and I didn't have to follow a strict nutrition plan, count calories or stop eating the food I love.
Nicolas Resnikow
Software Engineer

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Who am I?

My name is Samy and I am a software engineer.
I grew up learning how to code, playing video-games and building computers.
Four years ago, I let myself go and became overweight.
Fortunately I couldn’t accept what I became and decided to fix myself before it was too late.
My goal of losing weight and becoming fit turned to a passion for strength training and nutrition.
I now use my knowledge and experience to help others transform their bodies and open new doors in their lives.